Ariel Issues Tariff & Catalog Updates for 2019

September, 2018

To Our Distributor Customers:

As you know, recent events regarding ongoing trade disputes and the latest round of proposed tariffs are creating significant uncertainty in global markets. Indeed, our own industry is no exception. While any potential resolutions remain unclear, it is incumbent upon us as a top industry supplier to assess our best way forward while still supporting your business.

Price fluctuations are never straightforward and the scope and immediacy of what any new tariffs would mean on your business and ours makes navigating these changes into 2019 very challenging, particularly given the most recent announcement that more tariffs are on the way. However, we know you rely on us for a certain degree of price stability for both your programs and the future projects you are bidding on. As such, we want to share with you our intermediate plan for navigating this landscape going into 2019:

  • Ariel will honor our current 2018 published prices through the remainder of the year regardless of whether new tariffs are enacted. This will allow you to continue selling and bidding without worrying about market fluctuations.
  • Moving into 2019, we want to maintain enough flexibility in our planning to react to recently proposed future rounds of tariff changes. Therefore, we have decided not to print our nearly-400 page full-line catalog. The exposure and volatility across so many products are simply too great for the cost and time commitment to such an expansive publication. However, we will continue to print a New Products + Best Sellers catalog for January.
  • We will invest in and design new and innovative media tools that will help support your sales efforts. Our team is working on a host of ideas to help better position you in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

As uncertain as the global trade landscape may look today, we do remain positive about the future of our business and our industry.

All the best, 
Yuhling Lu

Ariel Launches New Custom Flyer Creation Program

May, 2018

Ariel Premium is pleased to announce the launch of a new custom flyer creation program through the Design Lab portion of its website. Powered by ZoomStudio, the software allows distributors to create, design, store and manage their own custom flyers featuring Ariel's 1,200+ products. Custom flyers can then be saved, edited and forwarded to end buyers in a variety of formats.

We invite you to give the program a test drive at

Ariel Premium Announces Appointment of Brendan Pigott as Regional Sales Manager

February, 2018

Ariel Premium Supply is pleased to announce the appointment of Brendan Pigott as Regional Sales Manager for the Metro Region. Brendan will be responsible for working directly with our top distributors in New York, New Jersey and Delaware. Brendan comes to Ariel with previous Top 40 supplier experience and is part of his family’s second generation to work in the promotional industry.