Make An Impression with Our Products for Your Programs!

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Make An Impression with Our Products for Your Programs!

At Ariel, we precisely select our products that meet quality, quantity, and durability, and we’re proud to partner with you as a vendor to provide guidance and help tailor your programs so that your customers will be impressed and appreciative!

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Why Create a Program with Us?

It is a huge advantage when you partner with Ariel for a company store. Here are some of the great benefits you will receive!

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Variety of Products

Ariel offers a huge selection of products that are categorized to fit your programs, relate to either office life, outdoor adventure, educational purpose, executive lifestyle, home improvement, or others.

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Discounts and Perks

Your customers will receive 2% less in price if they are already EQP. On co-op orders, a re-setup charge per reorder is waived if there are no changes to art.

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Program Guidance

We help you get started and take great pride in helping you maintain and build on wonderful programs while partnering with us!


Sanitation Program

Item ID: WHF-PU20

A Distributor chose a variety of products under a certain price point to include on their program’s website for their city agency. Our team worked closely to help select the best products and create a great program!


Sorority Life

Item ID: DBT-HC21

A non-profit organization chose our 75 oz Hercules Bottle to encourage a healthier lifestyle in the sorority life by drinking at least a gallon of water a day. The bottle is also a 5lb weight when full. Perfect for light weightlifting and building muscles while walking!


New Moms

Item ID: WOR-DT22

As summer approached, a local hospital gave out our sun shelter as part of their new moms program. It is a perfect shelter to keep the whole family and their newborns protected from the sun!


Summer 2022

Item ID: WPC-BD22

An advertising company wanted to introduce new seasonal products for the summer. They chose Ariel as a partner to select gear, essentials, and tools that promote a fun and adventurous summer lifestyle.


Patient Giveaway

Item ID: WHF-PR15

A local hospital was interested in creating a giveaway program that provided a variety of products that connected to each specific patient’s illness. Products included stress relievers, hot and cold packs, first aid kits, and more.


Truck Drivers

Item ID: DNM-ML20

A trucking company was looking for a mug with a handle that is large enough for their drivers to grab while wearing gloves. The Nayad Metro 20 oz worked perfectly for their needs.


Ready to setup a new co-op program? Reach out to us and get your next project up and running!

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