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At Ariel, we want to be more than just your go-to promotional supplier. We want to help you build your own knowledge base to make you more informed and professional in the eyes of your clients. We know your clients look to you to be the expert in all things promotional so we’ve developed this area as your educational resource.

How to Talk Quality When Selling Hot/Cold Packs

Our Aqua Pearls™ Hot/Cold Packs offer a unique branding opportunity and value because they are therapeutic, functional and comfortable; and offer personal benefits for every user, benefits they’ll associate with your customer’s brand. Critical to your sales process, when presenting hot/cold packs in a proposal know that there are measurable quality differences among packs on the market today, both in the materials used and in the production methods used to make them. So here’s what you need to know about our packs when positioning them in a project -- and why our engineering leads the industry in quality control standards.

Here’s how:
  • Aqua Pearls’ PVC casings are treated with an anti-freeze agent engineered to prevent cracking and puncturing after repeated uses.
  • When microwaved, Aqua Pearl beads are designed to distribute heat more evenly throughout the pack. While the beads and air space within the pack expand, the pack will not rupture.
  • Aqua Pearls beads are larger compared to most in the marketplace, providing better absorption and distribution of heat or cold.
  • Our Aqua Pearls are constructed in a “clean room” environment and every heat-sealed pack is individually quality control tested to 90 PSI.
  • Aqua Pearls beads use purified distilled water as the suspension medium within each pack.
  • Aqua Pearls are the same hot/cold packs you’ll find in many leading national drug store chains
The selling value of Aqua Pearls™:
  • Their long life offers repetitive use so that the branding message gets seen again and again.
  • They are very easy to use and include instructions printed right on them.
  • They have a far greater reach than just the health & wellnes sector. They are perfect for homes, schools, youth sports, charity events, fitness, outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing and boating.
  • They are very functional, extremely budget friendly and perfect for every demographic.

Choosing the Right Power Bank

Power banks are a popular technology and promotional gift because they are practical, portable and so functional in our highly mobile society. For companies looking for a distinct promotional item, they offer a continuous branding opportunity due their repeated use. Let’s face it, all of us rely so much on our mobile phones and tablets to stay connected and having a reserve power source in our backpack offers a secure sense of comfort, all while promoting your brand. However, how do you know which power bank best fits your promotional needs? Let’s talk about the basics that will help you select the right power bank for your audience.

Let's start with the first basic feature: Capacity. Power banks on the market today generally have a capacity range between 1800mAh and 10000mAh. But…
What Exactly is an mAh?

Simply put, mAh stands for “milliAmp hour” and is a measure of the electrical charge a power bank can hold. The higher the mAh, the greater the capacity of the power bank. Also, the higher the mAh the more charges or the larger the item you can charge, depending on the battery size of the device you are charging. Most batteries in mobile phones today range between 1800mAh and 3500mAh; most tablets between 6000mAh and 10000mAh.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

After selecting your preferred mAh, the next numbers to look at are the Input and Output values. These are expressed in Volts and Amps in a standard format, with volts listed first, then amps (V/A). Nearly all power banks on the market have a volt value of 5, expressed as 5V. Therefore, it is the Amp value that is most important to you. The higher the number, the greater the flow and speed of the charge. Also, you will want a higher number for the larger devices you want to charge. In general, power banks

with an Amp value of 0.5A to 2.0A will charge mobile phones well. Amp values 2.0A or higher will also let you charge tablets. For example, with an Amp value of 5V/.55A, Ariel’s Jump Start 1800mAh Power Bank Key Chain (EPB-JS18) is engineered for a quick boost to a mobile phone. At the higher end of the spectrum, our Ambassador 10000mAh Power Bank (EPB-AB18) has 5 times the capacity and an Amp value of 5V/2.1A; and is therefore suitable to charge a tablet.

What Do I Need to Know About Traveling with a Power Bank?

Many power banks are made with lithium batteries and therefore are subject to certain travel restrictions, such as not being permitted in checked baggage. You will want to check with specific airlines for their regulations. Additionally, in some cases shipping power banks is subject to restrictions from freight carriers and may be subject to additional fees. Be sure to check the Specifications Tab on any of our power bank products for a list of add-on carrier fees and other information.